OpenDairy engages with Dalyn Dye at Break Out Strategic Coaching

April 1, 2022

OpenDairy is happy to announce their engagement with Dalyn Dye at Break Out Strategic Coaching. Dalyn is a great partner for OpenDairy, and brings a huge amount of experience and network. He'll also be coaching us on a regular basis to make sure we make the most out of our leadership team.

We are excited to announce our strategic coaching engagement with Dalyn Dye of Break Out Coaching. In this role, Dalyn will work closely together with the OpenDairy team, providing strategic coaching and advice. Dalyn has built a successful career in leadership and dairy trading, which will be of great value to the OpenDairy marketplace. 

Martijn Goedhart, founder of OpenDairy: “We are delighted to have Dalyn involved with OpenDairy. His extensive experience and industry knowledge will be invaluable as we continue to scale our user base and our service offerings. We have known Dalyn for years and look forward to his insight and support as he helps us accelerate the growth of our business.”

Dalyn Dye, Founder & CEO of BreakOut Coaching: “Our passion at Break Out is to help smart and creative business leaders “Break Out” of their status quo. That is why we are excited to work with the OpenDairy team. I am impressed by the team and the platform they have created. They are innovative and are revolutionizing the dairy trading industry. I look forward to supporting them in achieving their goals.”

About OpenDairy

OpenDairy is a managed marketplace for dairy ingredients. The platform brings together commodity producers and buyers and offers logistic and financial services provided by industry experts. The company was founded by Dutch dairy specialists in 2021 and introduced its platform in January of this year. Within a few months, 20 Dairy producers and more than 60 buyers signed up for the service.

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About Break Out Strategic Coaching

BreakOut is a global strategic leadership coaching company. Break Out focuses on helping Executives and Executive Teams “Break Out” of their status quo to lead strategically and execute for results. Dalyn coaches from real world international experience, not theory. Drawing on his experience, he helps clients accelerate their personal and business development. He has become a sought-after coach for CEOs and their teams from a wide variety of industries around the globe.

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