About OpenDairy

OpenDairy is founded by a team of dairy and internet specialists. We believe commodity transactions should be easy, transparent and accessible for all market players.

The team

The combination of our market knowledge and IT background will revolutionize the commodity trading industry.

Hans Caspers
Hans Caspers
Co-Founder & Head of Product

Veteran in tech, online marketing and advertising, responsible for product development and technology. Also works on the marketing side of the business.

Phone +31 626 022 243
Email [email protected]

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Linda den Ruyter
Tom Bier
Junior Data Analyst

Anything numbers and statistics is well placed in Toms hands.

As a Junior Data Analyst Tom continuously analyses our data to make our platform better.

Email [email protected]

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Linda den Ruyter
Arthur van Campen
Junior Business Developer

With a genuine passion for sales and a critical thinker's mindset, Arthur brings a unique perspective to the table. He is responsible for building relationships and driving revenue.

Phone +31 610 38 23 47
Email [email protected]

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Martijn Goedhart
Martijn Goedhart
Co-Founder & CEO

Dairy expert with a digital touch. In charge of the ecosystem and partnerships.
Martijn been working with dairy commodities globally the last 10 years.

Phone +31 625 333 813
Email [email protected]

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Anastasia Gritsenko
Business Analyst & UX Specialist

As our UX design specialist Anastasia makes sure our users understand how to interact with our platform.

She also translates our business requirements to technical solutions.

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Volodymyr Salli
Backend Developer

Volodymyr is in charge of all things backend of our platform.
He has a rich history in Java development and is well familiar with Hibernate, Spring and databases such as MySQL.

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Vladyslav Panchenko
Frontend Developer

If you think our platform looks really pretty, you have Vlad to thank for!

He looks after the user interface and is our frontend JavaScript wizard.

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Core values


No more black boxes, know your buyer/seller, track your goods, get live market info and insight in your CO2 footprint. Blockchain ready. Bring the value of commodities back to the chain.


We care about sustainability! When it comes to transport, production or finance; choose your sustainable partners. Our tech allows you to make the right choices.

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Save time and money and focus on your core business. We take care of the execution, supported by expert partners.


Open for everyone

Our aim is to make commodity transactions easy, transparent, and accessible for all market players using innovative technology.

A sustainable future

We endorse the sustainable choice. By offsetting CO2 emissions, insight in production footprint and bringing the value of milk back to the supply chain we contribute to a sustainable future for dairy.

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Find your buyer or supplier directly through the online platform and confirm a deal within seconds. Deal in milk powder, butter and cheese.

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Our open platform offers opportunities for finance, insurance and logistics providers. We're looking for the best in every industry.

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