We are live! Introducing OpenDairy, a game-changing digital marketplace set to shake up the dairy trading industry

January 18, 2022

ARNHEM, 19-1-2022 OpenDairy has officially launched its innovative managed marketplace set to revolutionise the traditional dairy trading industry. The platform enables buyers and sellers of dairy commodities to connect and trade with each other directly and transparently. It makes transactions more efficient and saves value in the dairy-chain.

OpenDairy’s online marketplace ensures a transparent and seamless trading process for all parties involved. It is free to use, sellers and buyers only pay a fee per transaction. 

Match making
Buyers are able to submit their requirements and specifications and the platform's smart system will match the right suppliers for each product. Sellers, on the other hand, are able to upload their offers for worldwide buyers to view and react to. To facilitate a full-service experience to platform users, the company has integrated logistic and financing services.

Easy and competitive financing

OpenDairy has partnered with leading financial and credit partners to ensure sellers are paid quickly and buyers enjoy extended payment terms. The platform has integrated financing functionalities.

Carefree logistics

OpenDairy collaborates with logistics and transportation experts to handle all transportation and documents that clients are able to deal with directly through the platform. The platform’s uniquely centralised order management allows for simple and transparent processes.

Track & trace

OpenDairy allows buyers and sellers to follow their orders in real-time for more accurate logistics information and peace of mind.

Rating system

A two-way rating system ensures ultimate transparency and professionalism across the board. Users can rate each other post-transaction and this information is made public. This helps endorse good service and allows for better business interactions.


The idea to digitise the dairy trading business came from founders Henk de Weijer and Martijn Goedhart’s deep understanding of the industry. They both worked as traders at Hoogwegt — one of the biggest companies in the sector — for a decade. “Our time spent working in the industry revealed to us a crucial need for transparency in each step of the trade process.

The time for innovation is now and we know the only way to achieve this is through digitising the entire process from start to finish” says de Weijer. Digital entrepreneur Hans Caspers came on board to add his expertise to the concept and OpenDairy was born. 

During the pilot phase in 2021 the platform has already generated multiple trades between buyers and sellers all over Europe. In 2022 the company expects to reach a trading-volume of 40.000 tonnes, mainly milk powders and butter.

For more information please contact OpenDairy:

Martijn Goedhart


+31 625 333813

Hans Caspers


+31 626 022243

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