OpenDairy welcomes T.C. Jacoby & Company

February 16, 2023

We are pleased to welcome T.C. Jacoby & Company, Inc. to OpenDairy. The US company, based in St Louis, Missouri will start utilizing our marketplace in a joint effort to further promote international dairy trade.

OpenDairy B.V. welcomes T.C. Jacoby & Company, Inc. to their platform

T.C. Jacoby & Company, Inc., based in St Louis, Missouri has reached an agreement with OpenDairy, based in the Netherlands, to start utilizing the OpenDairy online marketplace in a joint effort to further promote international dairy trade.

The third-generation family-owned business has built a strong reputation in the US dairy market over the last 70 years and is actively supplying US cheeses, powders & butterfat products to the international market.

Global dairy demand is expected to increase by 1.6% per year. The growth is mainly driven by new and emerging markets, whereas the traditional dairy regions are expected to show larger increases in supply than demand. This means suppliers and processors of dairy products need to find new customers for their products in international markets.

OpenDairy provides an online marketplace with buyers and sellers from around the world. T.C. Jacoby and OpenDairy share a strong belief that the US dairy market is best equipped to meet the global demand growth for dairy. The marketplace will provide T.C. Jacoby with direct access to an ever-growing group of global buyers.

Ted Jacoby III

“T.C. Jacoby & Company is very excited to join the OpenDairy marketplace.  We believe using OpenDairy’s online platform will allow us to extend our global sales reach and strengthen our ability to create significant value for US milk producers and dairy processors by giving T.C. Jacoby the ability to make “tailor-made” offers of US dairy products to many international customers who currently have limited access.”
– Ted Jacoby III, President & CEO of T.C. Jacoby & Co., Inc.

“OpenDairy is delighted to welcome T.C. Jacoby & Company on board. We are convinced that the US dairy industry will only strengthen its position on the global dairy market and this tool allows T.C. Jacoby & Co. to efficiently reach a pool of global buyers. We will actively promote T.C. Jacoby & Company’s products and offerings among global buyers in our network and make sure logistics and financial execution will be seamless. For our buyers, this means an even more diverse choice of dairy products available. We look forward to making this partnership a great success.”
– Martijn Goedhart, Co-Founder & CEO of OpenDairy B.V.

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